Making images a first-class unit of knowledge

When building up knowledge or writing some sort of content from my notes, I often want to re-use images I have. They might be images I picked up elsewhere or diagrams I’ve made myself with excalidraw or similar tools.

So I came to realize that images can be also an atomic unit of knowledge that can be composed with others such as we do with notes and I think most of the tools don’t have a proper way for managing them. For logseq they are just assets, and as of now for me they belong to an specific note and I re-use them block-referencing the picture anywhere else but in my opinion we need more tools to proper handling them.

As a quick brainstorming, some features I think will be needed for this could be:

  • Images need to be indexed too: searchable by name, maybe also query-able.
    • Also an All images page is desirable
  • Easy CRUD operations ( Create, Update(rename), Delete)
  • Command to easy insert existing images into notes
  • Images can be a sort of special block, accepting metadata properties. This is already possible I think but paired with the other feature this will be enhanced.
  • Images have backlinks too. You can open an image as it was a page and see where it is referenced. Again this is possible with block-refs but not as convenient.
  • Renaming images, updates all relevant notes

I think there is also an OCR plugin that could take something like this to another level.

What do you think?

I agree that OCR of images is a “necessity” as it is provided by most other products at this point. But, as you noted, figuring out a “proper way” to capture that data with blocks / block references / backlinks would take quite a bit of work. And I believe the current development team is working on stability, speed, reliability issues at this point - so once v1.0 is actually released, perhaps there will be an active roadmap to request this - and to get feedback on timing of implementation - if this is even feasible.

There is a plug-in called Logseq Searchable with offers OCR on images.

First let me say what a TERRIFIC contributor YOU are to the Logseq community.

And yes, I’ve seen your plug in. Feedback is that it works well. Thank you! :grinning:

My “necessity” reference was pointed toward the idea of making “images as a first class unit of knowledge”. Ultimately, things like automatic background scanning of images and automatic inclusion of data found into the DB structure would be a great core feature.

That is, in fact, the hazard of a product like Logseq… There are SO many possibilities that getting it “right” in the core product is (I’m sure) quite a challenge.

Oh sure, I’m not meaning this is a “must be done today”. Just a feature I was thinking could enhance the product, with something none of the alternatives do either.

I’ve written this post not just for feature request, but also for some discussion about images as an atomic unit of knowledge like evergreen or permanent notes. Since I think I’m not alone having this images/diagrams as also a source of truth or valuable information I thought about discussing making them a first class citizen in Loqseq.

As you said, the main focus is to get the core functionality right and performant and build up from there. The team is doing a great job with that. Later we can think about features like this one but I think is valuable to have time to discus it an get the details right so the implementation is smooth

Yes, I was referring to that plugin specifically :slight_smile:, which could play a big role if having images more integrated into the system.

Thanks for the contribution!

If images were visible in search/auto-complete results, that would also make it easier for finding/referencing them.