Making long written blocks unsearchable

I think referencing to blocks is very exciting and useful and I like to use it as ever as I can, but also I can imagine the frustration of that by searching for specific block in very populated graph(now I moved my 8000 notes from obsidian to logseq). can we think about one option to make long written blocks unsearchable ? (and use tags instead). currently I just take screenshot from long text and embed that in my note and using tags.

I agree. It would be a nice feature to have. Should probably work for an entire page (special block) or regular blocks. It will be useful to filter out some pages from search entirly

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and I tested standard HTML comments syntax but still block is searchable.

I think this needs to strengthen the search filter. Or add the property of skipping the full-text search to those blocks with long written.


Perhaps it could be implemented by a property affixed to the page or a block.

searchable:: false

It is consistent with the publishing attribute:

public:: false
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