Merge and demerge graphs - add namespace prefix to all links?

I have 2 graphs. One for work, one for personal. I’m considering merging them because there is friction in changing to the other graph and keeping consistent templates etc.

I’d like to add a prefix of "work" to all links in my work graph. I think I then copy the files over to my personal graph.

3 questions:-

  1. How best to add the links within Logseq? Would I be better off using notepad++ to search in all files?
  2. What files do I copy across, and what will this do with journals? There may be journal entries in both graphs on the same date?
  3. If I change my mind and want to de-merge at a later date, how best and extract and identify the work related files?

Thank you!

bumping this, anyone tried merging and demerging sections of graphs?

Bump - also interested!