Merge multiple blocks into one block

When I copy a mail from Gmail to logseq, logseq creates 6 blocks with this mail. One block per blank line.
How can you use a quick action to merge multiple blocks into 1 block?


ctrl-shift-v to paste might help

Yes, this works, as I wish. I should have known this, because this is special in other programs as well. Thanks very much for the quick response.

As far as I see, ctrl-shift-v does not create one single block when pasting text with empty blank lines or paragraphs. The merging of blocks would still be useful…


I have the same problem.
Currently what I am doing is to copy the content with multiple lines(say, an email), and paste the content into an excel page second row, and put a lot of “>” in the first row, then copy all the stuff into a .txt file, then copy them to logseq and press “enter”, then I can get a single block showing the content of the mail.
Is there any easier way to automate all this? thanks!

Yes. I need something like join-line in vim.

This really should be a built-in feature, but in the meantime, here’s a plugin + workaround:

  1. Install Merge Nested Blocks Into One
  2. Make an empty block above the set of blocks you want to merge and make all of the to-be-merged blocks its children
  3. Right-click on the empty block and choose Merge Nested Blocks Into One

Hope this can help someone. You can use quote blocks: shift + <, then enter, then paste your text.

The plug-in works for me. Can you please explain to me the meaning of quote blocks? If it is possible an animeted gif would be helpfull for me.