Merge pages into one page

Hey guys, did you ever meet this situation? You created some pages with misspelled names and correctly spelled names, both having some notes inside.


I strongly need a “merge pages” function to merge these pages into one.

Not just misspelled cases, to make my notes compact and centralized, I sometimes need to merge two similar topics into one; Or quickly make tag (empty page) into the alias of another page.


Also see this useful when having created a daily note in and Logseq being able to merge these pages would be great!


I would add that this is needed not just for typos, but also for aliases. If I have a page “New York” and a page “NYC” I would like to merge them with “NYC” as an alias so it doesn’t break my existing links that use this tag. With typos, however, I would want all the pages to have their names changed to the correct form. So basically I think we need two different merge commands: merge and unify, and merge as alias.


I’m not aware whether a similiar discussion is taking place elsewhere in the forum.

However, maybe we should also have a feature, which allows us to split pages?

For me this is equally essential to a feature that merges pages (for roughly the same reasons, some of them stated above).

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Hi all, have created a plugin to try and address this issue. Have submitted a PR to the marketplace, but if you want to manually install it, you can try it here: GitHub - hkgnp/logseq-mergepages-plugin