Microsoft ToDo/Plannr plugin; workflow question

Hi everyone. I have been a two-year user of LogSeq, I came over from Roam because I liked the community better. Three years ago I left office work partially because of a cognitive impairment that I experience, then covid put the nail in the coffin of office work.

So I carried on using the Microsoft platform, mainly because it was seamless transferring tasks between outlook, MS ToDo, and MS Planner – allowing the organization of time. So far so good for my GTD process. The maturation of PKM then allowed me to address my other issue, storing and recalling information. Logseq has been great for this. I have also used the TODO function and created a #followup tag that I review as part of my daily start; so I have a reliable memory of people and meetings and context for the todo items.

So my hope is that there could be a more seamless way to share todo information between logseq and the Office 365 platform. My task switching skills are impaired so anything that makes the back and forth easier would be appreciated. If anyone has a good workflow solution (for loss of exec function and short term memory) within logaeq I would appreciate a pointer to that as well. Been working on hypertext since '88, so much love and appreciation go out to the dev and user contribs who bring logseq to life. CK


@Christopher_Kolar I am in similar situation. Wonder if you were able to figure out how to transfer the tasks (TODO) to outlook or todo on m365. Thanks, R