Migrating from Obsidian

I have been using Obsidian for a while now and want to give Logseq a go. Is there a way to import everything from Obsidian to Logseq easily?

Just my personal impression, but I’m not sure that would make too much sense. While both apps are superficially similar, neither really seems (to me!) to be really a drop-in replacement for the other. The devil is in the details. Tags for example work fundamentally different in Logseq than in Obsidian. Also the latter does not know page hierarchies (and I simply don’t know what Logseq has to say about YAML front matters) etc. pp. So if you really want to get the most out of Logseq, it might make sense not to simply try a bulk import.

I cannot comment whether the latter is possible or not. Perhaps. You might look a the numerous post here about making both apps work in tandem – I imagine that could be a good start. (It is beyond me why anybody would want to use both because personally I’m trying to keep my toolchain lean, but, hey, whatever floats peoples goats.)