Missing toolbar icons


I have recently received a new computer for work. My Logseq.exe and local files are all stored in OneDrive so I just opened everything on the new computer from the same location it was on the old computer. Ever since the change the toolbar icons that some plugins are supposed to add to the left of the Home icon are missing.

I have tried emptying my Custom.css and reverting to the default theme etc. I have reinstalled the plugins using fresh downloads from Github. Nothing seems to help. Is there a setting I am missing?


Update: I think the problem is a security setting, or perhaps a missing dependency, in Windows 11, which is stopping most plugins from working. Themes still work.

My previous Windows 10 machine used to always generate a JavaScript error on start-up even though Logseq seemed to work correctly afterwards. I don’t get this error on the new Windows 11 machine so maybe JavaScript, or part of it, is not working at all and hence some plugins don’t work.

Hi. I am not sure it is Windows 11. I have 2 Windows 11 laptops, one set up by work with various settings, the other, a personal one which has no administrator imposed settings.

On the work one, I cannot get the plugins to stick. I can install, see the icon, use it etc. But as soon as I close Logseq, the icon disappears and does not come back. Even trying enable, disable, open setting etc. does not help. The only way I see the icon again is if I go to my user directory and delete the .Logseq folder, and then install the plugin again.

On my personal laptop, none of this happens. I install and it is there. I can close, open, restart Logseq and the icon always remains.

I have tried to look into why it was happening but didn’t get far.
Hope this helps

Thanks Ed. I agree that it’s most likely a restriction imposed by the IT people at work.

If so, it’s a shame. However, even with no plugins Logseq is still pretty useful for tracking workflow and keeping notes on clients etc. We’re probably lucky the base program is not blocked as well.

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