Modified backup files are no longer placed in /logseq/bak but in /pages & /journals folders

If you edit a file in an external editor whilst open in Logseq, Logseq would make a backup of its copy (in memory) into the logseq bak folder:


This was especially useful for version control, as the entire bak folder can be ignored.

Since the update to Logseq, 0.6.2, this has changed.

Now each backup file is saved into either:


These backup files have different file extensions, such as .015Z, .705Z, see these examples:


This make it much hard to manage/exclude these backup files via .git

My solution right now is to add these lines to my .gitignore:


I did not want to use *.2022-* as a rule because it catches legit files.

My OS is Windows 10.

Thank you.

These backups are causing a different problem for me. I keep my academic literature notes in org-roam, in a separate org-roam directory. It’s useful to link them to logseq notes, so in logseq, I’ve set up the org-roam directory as a new logseq graph, and then do cross-graph links.

The problem is that logseq is making a new sudirectory under the org-roam directory, and under there, it makes a bak directory, containing copies of any org-roam notes I touch. The duplicate notes are automatically searched by org-roam, and the resulting duplicate note keys cause org-roam database errors.

I don’t know how to get around this problem. But if I could move the logseq/bak directory someplace else, then I would.