More date formats and in other languages


I would like to see other formats available (such as ‘Do MMMM YYYY’ or “DD-MM-YYYY”) and in other languages (instead of “July 1st, 2021”, “Julho 1o., 2021”).

I think the current localization model of LogSeq does not account for date formats (otherwise I would contribute directly!)


Bom Dia Waldo,

You can change the formatting of the date in the settings: Three dots (top right hand side) -> settings -> Preferred Date Format (3/4th option from the top). There are quite a few formats already in the list.

In terms of local language settings, I am afraid I am not sure if / how this is possible.

Hope the above helps.

Is it possible to have the day of week in the title for the daily journal. I don’t see a date format that includes that.

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Hi there,

The options with “E” are the day of the week. So yyyy-MM-dd EEEE looks like this:


Edit, just saw your post on Discord that you are after: “Fri, Jul 2 2021”. This does not seem to be one of the options available for the time being.

Thanks, now that I know that EEEE is the day of week I can add a format to config.edn. I just tried it and it works like a charm. Thank you for your help.

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Why does Logseq not conform to this formatting convention: Moment.js | Docs

That would make it much easier to allow Obsidian and Logseq to work seamlessly together on journal/Daily note pages.