More function in advanced query runtime

Using this special query, we can find that only eight namespaces can be used in the advanced query runtime, including 'clojure.core 'clojure.set 'clojure.edn 'clojure.repl 'clojure.string 'clojure.walk 'clojure.template .

I think it may be possible to add more function without break the safety. e.g the js/Date or the js/console.log . Parsing date is a common task and js function is handy to such task.

By the way, It is better to describe which functions the user can use in the advanced query document.

type:: demo
:title "find"
:view (fn [r] [
    (for [ns (all-ns)]
         [:div [
                [:h2 (str ns)] 
                [ (for 
                       [name (keys (ns-publics ns))] 
                       [:a {:href (str "" (str ns) "/" (str name) ) } (str name)])
:query [
  :find (pull ?b [*]) 
      [?b :block/properties ?p ]
      [(get ?p :type) ?t]
      [(= ?t "demo")]