More note serendipity - Showing your notes on Google search results

Evernote has a nice feature that shows your notes on Google search results. I think this type of feature would be tremendously helpful to increase the serendipity of my old notes when I need to review them (= exact moment I search for sth).

I think I could build a chrome extension that shows related local markdown notes on Google/DuckDuckGo/Bing search results.

Does anyone want to try this out? I’d start if there is sufficient interest.

Made me think of this People in my circles talk a lot about creating personal wikis… but what about personal Wolfram Alphas?

Would be pretty cool, going from your graph to search and back.

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Oh! thank you for the information.

I’ve been working on the same idea: [VERY EARLY DEV] Search my logseq notes while searching in Google

I’m going to push updates for Logeq URI protocol in a few days.


I’m interested in this.