.mov video embed only showing as audio file

I’m trying to embed a video I took on my phone and it’s embedding itself as an audio file. The video asset is still viewable as a video after being added to the database. That said the quality is horribly reduced. The file type is .mov.

This is an upstream issue. Electron doesn’t support .mov playback

Ah, strange. Thanks, I’ll just convert them I guess. Might be a good plugin to convert to mp4 with ffmpeg or something

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not really. Pretty sure you can’t play them inside chrome. MOV is not a popular format.

Considering that iphones record video in .mov format, I’d say it’s pretty popular

oh forgot that its the default quicktime format. Looks like the issue is a architecture limitation as the mov format can only be played under 8-bit architecture.

I agree that it’s not a bug or inherent to logseq. Though a solution would be possible to automatically convert .mov files. I’ve only been using logseq for a few days now and I’ve already run into this limitation since I wanted to quickly add a video that I recorded from my phone. I plan to contribute at some point but I wonder if this would be possible as a plugin - it would need to intercept the normal behavior when uploading an asset, check the file extension, convert it if it’s .mov, save to assets folder and link to it.