Move block (up or down) shortcuts not working

I am running Logseq-Linux in a “Crostini” container (per Google’s instructions) on a Chromebook (Framework Intel® Core™ i5-1240P (12th Gen) RAM: 40GB Storage: 256GB)
Plugins: logseq-omnivore, logseq-plugin-agenda, logseq-tidy-blocks, open-toc

Move block up Alt + Shift + Up-arrow
Move block down Alt + Shift + Down-arrow

…are both not working.
I’m a newbie, so I didn’t want to report it as an “official” bug without checking with the community. I’ve searched for this specific issue, but don’t see any.
Is anyone else having this problem?

They both work to me, but I’m on a very different system. So before reporting you should experiment with your environment, in order to describe something reproduceable.

Thanks for your quick response, metaloid. All other keyboard shortcuts that I have tried seem to be working. (That’s the only way I know to “experiment with your environment”…unless you have some other specific suggestions!)

You can try things like the following:

  • Make sure that you understand the expected behavior.
    • Try the shortcuts on a list of blocks without indentation.
  • Change the keyboard shortcuts from Logseq Settings.
    • Take a shortcut that works and repurpose it to instead operate for moving blocks.
  • New empty graph.
  • New installation without plugins, themes or custom.js.
  • Check your operating system’s keyboard settings.

This is not a bug. These shortcuts are reserved in ChromeOS.

You can remap them in Logseq.