Move the configuration and plugins to the graph folder

It is recommended to put plug-ins, configurations, and so on into a note library, as obsidian does.One configuration, everywhere synchronization;It is also possible to implement different note libraries with different configurations and plug-ins.

Welcome to the forum @z_yd! Your comment got flagged as spam as it’s rather short. If you have examples to examples of how other projects do this, that would be welcome.

Also, the config.edn file is already part of the graph folder. What settings are not syncing? Plugins indeed don’t sync across systems.

(I’ve modified the post title a bit to make it clearer what you’re proposing)

Hi @Ramses , Maybe I got the point of @z_yd . I am also confusing this problem.
Let me make an example that.

I have a repo locally due to it’s private for my company only, everything works good. While I have another graph vault that published as my blog, which enabled git plugin, it will try to auto commit, pull, push.

Currently, as long as I enabled the auto actions of git plugin in my blog graph, it also takes effects on the pure local graph vault, it will throw message again and again to let me know I am not working in a git env.

That’s the scenario, so the problem I think is:

  1. Can we enable plugins for specified graphs?
  2. Can we set or override configs of plugins for specified graphs?


We’ve just released some functionality that could help with this. There’s now a plugins.edn file that keeps a record of what plugins you’ve installed, so you can sync them across your devices.

At the moment it does not contain the plugin settings, only the list of plugins itself (for easy installation). I do think the plan is to have plugin settings themselves be saved in this file in the future.

You can read more about plugins.edn in our reference documentation:

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@Ramses thanks for the feature. But I can’t solve it by plugins.edn, the problem is not for cross devices, but for multi graph vaults on the same machine/user. Is there a way to enable different plugins or plugin settings for different graph vaults under the same user or machine

@z_yd Hi. This request seems like a duplicate of Plugins on multiple machines

@hh23485 Hi. Your first question sound like a duplicate of Different plugins for each graph. Your second question isn’t currently possible. I would recommend creating a separate request for it if you’d like others to vote.

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Exactly, thanks. I’ll create a separate request later. @cldwalker

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