Moving a block to another page/location, or converting it to a page (and vice versa)

(Already submitted on Github: #262)

Typical scenario: a block from a journal page needs to be moved to a different (already existing) page or promoted to become its own page. The ability to do the opposite (convert a page to a block) would also be useful.

Ideal solution:

  1. Introduce shortcut to move a block from one page to another page (and possibly a specific location on that page); the shortcut would then trigger a drop-down box with dynamic filtering

  2. Introduce possibility to
    a) convert a page to a block in an existing page (ideally with a very similar UI as above)
    b) promote a block to a new page

See for inspiration - I found their implementation of that feature pretty neat (it covers all elements above with a very consistent UI).

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I like the idea of page/block conversion. I’m having trouble seeing how 1 is faster than simply cutting and pasting a block from one page to another. I don’t have a dynalist account, so it would be great if you could link to a public page showing an example, or creating a .gif on or similar to show the feature you want more visually.

Also, would you still find this feature useful if Logseq made it easy to open two pages in side-by-side frames and you could drag and drop between them?

Good suggestion!

And possibly an option to make a new page, but have the current bullet be a content bullet and allow you to pick the title. And I agree, it definitely could be way more streamlined than copying and pasting things left and right

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Hi @Cobblepot,

Here is an illustration for bullet to document conversion (and vice versa) from Dynalist: Convert between items and documents - Dynalist Help Center. Super intuitive and smooth. The interface for logseq would be different however as there is no navigation pane with a “folder” logic; a right-click option and a keyboard shortcut would probably make more sense.

From an implementation perspective, logseq may have some specific challenges: I assume that the data structure introduces a stronger differences between pages and blocks than is the case for Dynalist’s documents and bullets (probably not file-based).

For the simple move (without conversion, but potentially across pages), here’s a page describing how to do it in Dynalist: Move lists - Dynalist Help Center. I am especially thinking about the second method (keyboard shortcut triggering ‘Move to…’ dialog with autocomplete). I believe Workflowy has something very similar.

I prefer those options to side-by-side drag and drop: the latter feels less fluid. I also seem to recall that using drag and drop could mess up the file structure (that was a long while back, maybe logseq is more robust now).


heavy +1 on the block moving shortcuts. Roam Workbench plugin can be the reference. It is the real swiss army knife.

As a partial solution there is this: hyrijk/logseq-plugin-block-to-page

This plugin can (easily) convert a block to a page. It also shows that this problem can be solved in a plugin, and does not have to be part of Logseq-core. The devs try to keep Logseq itself small.

Contacting the plugin’s dev might be a good idea, the dynalist stuff looks neat, and would be great to have in Logseq!

for anyone who doesn’t know already, there is now (previously “Copy ref to Journal”):