Moving Pages and blocks around in Graphs and between different graphs

As a Logseq beginner, I am experimenting a lot with the way I organize and structure my notes in Logseq.

The question now is: What is the best method to

  1. move whole pages within a graph,
  2. move blocks from the journal to any page or from one page to another page
  3. move pages and journal entries between different graphs.
    Of course, the links should be adjusted automatically if possible.
    I am looking forward to your tips and thank you in advance
  1. Pages don’t have any place within a graph, they just have their name.
  2. Cut-n-paste should work fine for moving blocks.
  3. To move pages from one graph to another, just move their files.
    • Links may break, but tags won’t.

There is no generic way for organization and structure. If you provide us with specific needs, we can provide specific advice.

Hi @mentaloid

thanks for your reply.

You mean moving the files in a file manager like “Finder” in macOS, right?

Yes, files are to be moved through some external file manager.

@mentaloid thanks again.