Moving Sidebar to separate Window on separate screen

Hi Logseq Team,

I have a setup with a Laptop and wacom pen display which is a second screen and has pen input. It would be great, if I could use the pen display for the whiteboard and have the sidebar on the other screen, that has no pen input. That way I can use the whole wacom pen display for working on the whiteboard for sensemaking, deep thinking while on the other screen I can use the sidebar for typing in details, making flashcards, etc.
Right now, everything feels cramped.

Thanks for reading

You can already open a new Logseq window and have it display any page. Have you tried that?

CleanShot 2024-07-05 at 16.08.56

(On Windows the shortcut is Ctrl-n if I remember correctly)

Thanks for the reply Ramses.
I am on MacOS right now. I tried it but, nothing happens.
Maybe it s broken.
I might switch to windows in a couple of weeks. Then I can try it on Windows.

What version are you on? I just noticed it’s also broken for me in 0.10.8 (I don’t wanna upgrade as I’ve noticed slowdowns with 0.10.9 on my system). If I know it’s also broken on the next version, then I’ll file a bug report.

Hi Ramses,
sorry for the late reply. I am on version 0.10.9
Shall I delete the feature request since it is a bug/broken and a feature already implemented?

The bug has been reported here: can't open multiple windows after upgrading. · Issue #11120 · logseq/logseq · GitHub

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Thank you, I’ve flagged the bug with the team. It’s possible it’s intentional because Logseq Sync does not play nicely with multiple windows, but at least that should be made clear then.

Thanks for the offer. I’ve marked it solved for now and flagged the bug.