Multi level itemize inside a quote

I try to use LogSeq as my personal knowledge system. In my case it means that quite often i have a reference link to a website and below it a quote from the website with a list of actions i have to do in some use case.

I think the default way of working is to make use of the blocks. but i find that not useful when i have to quote something. It makes basically a big set of single quotes while i want to see in a single moments that a list of actions are one set

In i think 70 - 80 percent of the cases the list is just one or two level and that is fine. but in last 20 - 30 percent i have 3 or more levels. and i can’t figure out how to do that in a single quote…

First image default behaviour

Second image the method i prefer

how to add the 3th level? I have tried:

  • Multiple + / *
  • Extra spaces

But it looks like it is not possible

Welcome. If you mean this:
…it simply needs some spaces:

## Title of web page
Line 1 in block
**Line 2 in Block is a list title**
  * Line 2.1 in Block
    * Line 2.1.1 in Block
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I use > normally and then it doesn’t work

> ## Title of web page
Line 1  in block
**Line 2 in Block is a list title**
* Line 2.1 in Block
  * test 2.1.2

If your method work but the default ( (?)) not than i use it for now, but i’m not happy with it…

Just to mention that quickly typing it is possible with < , which opens an auto-fill menu.

Thanks for posting this @mentaloid. I’ve been searching online for how to handle blockquotes with lists and sub-bullets in Logseq.

I’m used to using the “>” flavour of markdown for blockquotes and the “-” character for bulleted lists, and couldn’t figure it out. Not being aware of how quotes are done in Org Mode, your response cleared things up!

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