Multi-value properties and queries

I want the ability to have a property which has several values. For example, in my videos, I want a topic property which might look like

topic:: logseq, queries

there seem to be several issues with this that I’m unable to resolve. First, it appears that logseq views the above as a property with a single value “logseq, queries” instead of “logseq” and “queries”. Second, if I don’t include double quotes around the values, it tries to create pages called “logseq” and “queries”. I don’t want the extra pages and i want “topic” to be treated as it as 2 properties so that if I query (property topic logseq), I get a hit. This seems like it should be straight forward. What am I missing?

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Hi. If you don’t put quotes, it is correct to see logseq treat those two values as pages. The simple query (property topic logseq) should be working for that case. If it is not, feel free to file a bug and provide reproducible steps at Issues · logseq/logseq · GitHub. As for not having multiple property values treated as pages, that would be a feature request you could file at Feature Requests - Logseq. Cheers