Multiple document interface

Is it possible to make multiple tabs in app. Sometimes it is helpful to have several documents behind your eyes without reopening them each time it needed. Reopening scrolls to top of document each time document opened. It is not convinient.

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I haven’t tried it, but there are plugins for tabs. Here’s the first one I’ve found:

An alternative would be to edit files in your favorite text editor. Works well with Emacs for me. Just make sure to save before editing the same file in Logseq. Undo (ctrl + z) in the external editor may recover the unsaved lost in case it reloaded the file without the saved data.

I’ve tried the plugin above. While it works fine, it isn’t exactly like an opened tab since it currently doesn’t remember the position in the page. So every time there’s a tab switch, it opens it at the beginning. One sort of work around is to open a bullet into a tab to avoid scrolling down a lot.

I do not know if it would be possible for a plugin to be able to remember the page position in Logseq.

I’ve been waiting for this or similar functionality for long too!
Tab plugin also have noticeable lagging. I still think this feature can be implemented by a plugin - but it will be some updates from API side to make it work, e.g. preserve page status, activate a page with specific status, etc… (Maybe I am completely false since I am not a software developer.

As far as I know, you are correct. There could be some ways to emulate it but I doubt it will work well.