Multiple graphs with same CSS and templates

I am in the unfortunate situation that I have to split my personal notes between two graphs, one for work and one for everything else. This is because the notes that I make in the context of my work may contain sensitive information and my employer has the rule that this data must only be accessible inside the local network of the company.

My regular graph is hosted and synched via and my work graph is hosted via a gitea instance that is only accessible inside the local network of the company.

Despite having to spread my notes over two graphs, is there a workflow where I could share at least the same templates and the same custom CSS and maybe some queries across both of them? So that when I change anything it becomes available in both graphs?

Do you have any other suggestions how I could setup a workflow with the above requirement of work-notes never leaving the work-network and the work-computer?

Ideally when at work, I would have just one graph that include both my personal stuff and my work stuff, but when I am at home I only have access to my personal stuff, but I guess this is not feasible, is it?