Multiple Logseq Databases in Desktop App

So far, Logseq has been very helpful to me in my private knowledge graph, which I backup in my own git repository. I’m a software engineer, and I would like to share this technique and the Logseq application with some of my co-workers in some of the software projects I work on. Towards that end, right now I’m trying to start a Logseq directory in a work project’s git repo, so I can easily share work notes with my colleagues.

I’m having some trouble getting Logseq’s Desktop app to easily switch between my personal Logseq database and this new database in a work project. Does anyone have any suggestions about this aspect of using Logseq?

Feature request: in the desktop app, on the left side panel, add the ability to register multiple local Logseq database locations, and quickly switch between them by clicking on them.

I can envision a future where many open source programs use Logseq databases for their technical documentation. This feature would make this future much more possible.

Isn’t that function already in the left panel? I have two Logseq graphs, and I switch between them using the left panel. Or is this something different?

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Yeah, from what I understand this is it :thinking:

Just found it - thanks everyone. To confirm, this is totally implemented. One just needs to click on the database icon in the left panel and add a new graph.

Thanks all - will mark the topic as closed and achieve.