Multiple pages generated from nested folder

Opened my Logseq today, and went to look through my pages. The program is saying I have 8500 pages, and most have titles that are just a string of gibberish characters.

All of these new pages are stamped with today’s date, and it looks like they’re all generated from a single block of text? The only thing I’ve done with my entry today was create (1) new page, copy a web address to an author blog, and copy an image from my OneNote.

It looks like these are all from one block, but I don’t know where the block came from, and it’s a mile-log. Would like to know what the cause is so I can avoid it in the future. I deleted the block, but now I have to figure out how to get rid of all the pages it created as well… Any insight would be helpful.

Hi and welcome.

  • If you are interested in help determining the root cause of the issue, it may be necessary to see the block and/or the source material.
  • To get rid of all the pages it created as well, if they were indeed created only by one block, this block has been deleted, and they are not referenced elsewhere, try: All pagesRemove orphaned pages?

Above is a screenshot of only two pages of the 8000+ that were created. I’ve tried to remove all the orphaned pages, but that hasn’t worked. I’ve had to manually delete some of these pages by checking the box and hitting delete, and then remove the orphaned pages. I think this is because of how the block was expressed, some of the pages are linking back to one another and preventing them from being deleted as orphaned pages.

I went and clicked on one of the pages, and it looks like a new block was made? Or the leftovers have made a new block? The number of pages hasn’t increased or gone back up from the 6800+ that I worked it down to. Below is a shot the new block.

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  • For deleting the pages, could use an external file manager to filter or sort by creation date, then delete all pages of that day.
  • For the cause of the problem, consider opening a bug report in github.

Is your graph stored in, and/or actively synced to, a cloud location?

These pages only exist within Logseq. When I check my pages folder in the file manager, I only see the ones I’ve created.

Yes. I stored my graph in my OneDrive.

  • Try creating a query that returns all or most of those pages, then use Mass delete query results to delete them. Then run again the same query to check if it returns anything.
  • If you are sure that the responsible block is also deleted, Re-indexing should be enough to remove these pages.

I suspect this is the cause of the issue. Cloud storage is an exceedingly complex technology, known to produce unexpected, obscure errors. There could be supposedly-temporary hidden files that became permanent due to an unknown sync glitch, which could explain what you’re seeing.

Other explanations are possible, too. A Logseq bug cannot be ruled out, although I consider OneDrive the most likely culprit.

That doesn’t mean you should not put your graph in OneDrive, iCloud etc. Just make sure you have a sound backup strategy for when something happens.

Working through Mentaloid’s recommendation. Not super savvy with the whole kit thing. In the meantime, what sort of strategies would you recommend? Current thought is to create a copy of my pages folder as a local copy and uninstall/reinstall Logseq.

Couldn’t figure out the kits right now, so I bit the bullet and manually deleted blocks and pages with similar information. I may have also figured out what caused the issue.

Currently, in my pages folder there are only 21 .md files that I can see. In my Logseq, there are 82 that I created. I’m wondering 1) where these pages may have ended up and 2) if these missing .md files may be the reason for this issue.

The 82 pages in Logseq are ones I created, and they still function within the program. I just don’t know where their .md files are…

You may be able to find out where these pages reside by clicking on the hamburger at the top right and Open in directory or Open in default app.

Just curious… Which hamburger?

Missing Pages 1

With these pages, that command doesn’t exist. I have to copy the page URL, which in-turn creates (reveals? probably re-creating) the page in the folder after I’ve pasted it. Only after this has happened do I see the command to Open in Directory by right-clicking on the page title, or using the drop-down menu on the top right like you pointed to.

I went from 21 pages from yesterday, to 25 today while putzing with this.

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Not sure if the question is honest or just playful ; ). Just in case, it’s a silly name for a symbol typically used to toggle a hidden menu or drop-down: ≡. See Hamburger button - Wikipedia.
To make it worse, I referred to the wrong icon though. The symbol used in logseq is the horizontal ellipsis: …

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Try disabling the OneDrive sync for a day after deleting the pages manually.
To see if they will get randomly created again or not (to know if OneDrive is the culprit, or maybe some plugin?)

They weren’t being re-created again. I found the culprit, but I’m not sure how much OneDrive had a play in it (and there are no plugins active with my Logseq right now). Somehow, maybe by drag-and-drop accident, a bunch of data-points from a 3D mapping software got put into my main Logseq folder and was buried a few folders deep.

These files all had some sort of alpha-numeric string as the title that ended with “-map” and consisted of the strings of information that the text editor couldn’t read.

Thank you everyone for your help as I worked through this problem. I’ve manually restored my .md files for my pages, and everything appears to be in working order. Gonna take etc’s advice and think about good back-up solutions to avoid this issue (or similar issues) in the future.