Multiple windows triggers sync conflict very often


I have used Sync for a while now with absolutely no problems until now.

I’ve recently gotten into the habit of clicking ‘New Window’ so that I can refer to an entire page of notes, or (more often than not) an annotated PDF page whilst making sectional notes elsewhere.

When I have two Logseq windows open, I seem to quite often get a pop up immediately after typing some text (sometimes even just one word) saying ‘Changes made to disk’ and asking me which revision to choose. I don’t know I am being asked if I want to keep the changes I have just made seconds ago - but it is one of the only frustrations I’ve had with Sync.

I also on rare occasions have the last few lines of text suddenly vanish - with undo/redo not able to bring it back. I can only assume this is also related to Sync.

If anyone can advise further, or if you need anything from me to troubleshoot further - I’d appreciate it. Thank you.

I’m also being quite annoyed by this problem. I run in the latest macOS version (0.9.19), in M1 pro’s MacBook Pro, and use iCloud to sync (not Logseq Sync)

Hope developers can resolve it.