My data is gone again after reindex

Help! I had to reboot my computer due to a security patch. When I did, I opened the browser (MS Edge running on Windows 10) and attempted to open my notes. There was a popup that said that the database has been updated and that I needed to do a reindex. I did that and it seems to have completely destroyed all my notes. I really don’t have the option to retype everything because this was my source of truth.

Also, I just got a popup error message that says: “The graph logseq_local_Notes can not be read:false”

I’m experiencing the same issue after a reboot when using the web app. Identical error code and behavior.

My files are fine, and if I use the desktop app everything loads as expected.

I need to use the web version for work, and would appreciate any insights folks have into getting that working again.

Edit: @John_Caron Got this working again after deleting the backup folder (/logseq/bak/).

@brown5628 I don’t have a bak folder within the Logseq structure, but when I tried to copy over the files from an old version, everything was still blank. For now, I am keeping notes on my Mac using the app until I feel comfortable that the web version is stable.