My indented child pages are not showing as children on my graph

Thanks in advance for your help.



  • All pages are:
    • at the same level
      • Another page can:
        • inside a block:
          • be referenced
          • be embeded
        • not be positioned lower
    • top-level
      • Indentation is only for blocks.
        • All blocks belong to some page.
    • named
      • Blocks are not named.
  • The Graph view:
    • is for exploring links, not hierarchies
    • shows only:
      • pages
        • Blocks are not included by design.
      • references
        • Their direction is not indicated.
        • Nesting-relationships appear only in the outliner.

Thank you so much for your quick reply.
Please view the attached image. I don’t understand why the quick capture page has a connection to Highlight 2 but Divergence_Convergence does not have a connection to quick capture. I’m new to this and appreciate any guidance you can give me. If the answer was in your last reply I’m sorry that I didn’t understand it.

  • In your screenshot, you have opened one page. We can reason about the connections from/to that page (i.e. page notetaking), by looking at:
    • the references inside its main body (i.e. its own blocks)
    • the (here 2) backlinks at the Linked References section at its bottom
  • To reason about the connections between other pages, we have to look inside each one of those other pages (in your case, pages other than page notetaking).
    • They determine their own connections.
      • That is they are connected only if one page (page1) references in its own blocks another page (page2). That would automatically:
        • have page2 also appear in the Linked References section of page1
        • have page1 and page2 connected to each-other in the Graph view
    • Not a third page (like notetaking) that happens to reference them itself (in its own blocks).
      • Indentation or any other feature inside one page (here notetaking) have nothing to do with whether third pages connect to each other or not.

Holy moly I feel stupid. I apologize that I’m having difficulty interpreting your last response.

Is it possible for you to give me an actual syntax example I can plug into my pages to recreate what you’re trying to explain to me so I can duplicate it on my end and learn from your example?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • I’m explaining what you already have, so nothing additional can recreate it.
    • In any case, it is not easy to show such things with static text. Watching some videos would be more helpful (e.g. this).
  • The syntax for connections is simple. Either of:
    • [[pageX]]
      • This is an inline reference for “hard” connections.
    • #pageX
      • This is a tag for “soft” connections.
  • I suggest that you also provide screenshots of pages Highlight 2.0 and quick capture.
    • There we’ll detect the link between them, which is responsible for their connection in the Graph view.

Thank you so much for not giving up on me. I watched the video this morning and it was helpful. It didn’t go into that much detail on how to make connections in the graph.

As you requested here are the screenshots of my markdown file and the page.

I appreciate your continued support!

Sorry I forgot to include the HIghlighting 2.0 page screenshot so here it is.

From the screenshot of page Highlighting 2.0, we can see:

  • the 1 Linked Reference, which is a backlink to page notetaking
    • This explains why in the Graph view the page Highlighting 2.0 is connected to page notetaking.
  • that it contains a block with a reference to page quick capture (that is the [[quick capture]] literal)
    • This explains why in the Graph view the page Highlighting 2.0 is connected to page quick capture.
      • Not because of their mention (whether indented or not) inside page notetaking.

You forgot the screenshot of page quick capture, where it should be:

  • again a backlink to page notetaking
  • another backlink to page Highlighting 2.0
  • but no mention of page Divergence_Convergence
    • For that reason, page Divergence_Convergence in the Graph view is not connected to page quick capture.
      • Although page Divergence_Convergence seems missing from the current version of your graph, but we can make the same observation for any of the other pages (e.g. Test and RESOURCES), that they are:
        • connected to page notetaking
          • e.g. notice the [[Test]] reference at the bottom of the page
        • but not connected to page quick capture
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WOW!! I finally got it.

Thanks so much for your help!