My Windows Backup Batch File

I’ve noticed that a couple of people have lost data recently. In case it helps anyone, here’s my personal Windows batch file for backing up Logseq data:

echo off
@if exist z: net use z: /delete
net use z: {my OneDrive folder reference} /user:{username} {password}
start z:
echo Z drive active?
echo on
set name=%date:~-4,4%_%date:~3,2%_%date:~0,2%
set hr=%time:~0,2%
set hr=%hr: =0%
set min=%time:~3,2%
set name=%name%__%hr%%min%

md c:\temp\LogSeq

xcopy C:\Users\graham\.logseq\*.* c:\temp\LogSeq\dot\*.* /s /h
xcopy C:\Users\graham\Documents\logseq\*.* c:\temp\LogSeq\documents\logseq\*.* /s /h

RD /S /Q C:\Temp\LogSeq\dot\plugins
"C:\Program Files\7-zip\7z.exe" a c:\temp\ C:\temp\LogSeq\* -r
RD /S /Q c:\temp\LogSeq
xcopy c:\temp\ z:\LogSeq\*.*
del c:\temp\
start z:\logseq

Line 3 clears my Z: drive if it's in use

Line 4 assigns my Z: drive to the to my OneDrive folder (a cloud location that will still exist if something happens to my local data or computer)

Line 5 opens Z: in the Windows file manager

Line 7 pauses so that I can check that the assignment is correct

Lines 10-14 make a unique file name based on the date and time

Lines 16-19 copy my Logseq data to a temporary folder

Line 21 removes the plugins folder from the temporary folder (I have no need to backup plugins)

Line 22 uses 7-zip (which you'll need to install) to form the backup data into a single compressed Zip file

Line 24 copies the Zip file to my Z: drive

Lines 23 and 25 tidy up (remove the backup folders from my PC)

Line 26 opens the cloud backup location in Windows Explorer so that I can see that everything has worked

I now backup by copying the folder of my graph to my NAS and giving the folder there the name of the graph with a date marker. Can you tell me, what am I overlooking.

I use FreeFileSync with Windows Task Scheduler and it makes backups automatically at scheduled times during the day. The backup destination is an external disk connected to my PC.

Even more basic one: ChatGPT
Next I should add support for Git since I prefer Github to OneDrive / Google Drive (the latter tends to nag me to buy more space when it gets full).