Namaste. I am from India

Namaste(literally means I bow down to you).

I am Shubham Kumar from India. I am pursuing my undergraduate in Electrical Engineering. I love learning things and helping people. The knowledge management tools which I have come across till now include Obsidian, Notion, Curius and ResearchRabbit.

I learnt about logseq from a researcher when I approached her asking how she manages taking notes and what other tools does she use. Technology has a lot more potential to enable us to solve complex problems and I am hoping that logseq will greatly be helpful in creating my second brain.

To the friends reading this: Could you please mention some strategies and tools and describe them a little which have helped you in managing useful information? I would be ever grateful to you.

Thanks to the people who made this technology.

With love,
Shubham Kumar

Welcome Shubham,

The primary tool or strategy I use is to use namespaces in links. This is a link followed by a slash followed by a sub-link such as [[books/fiction]] which creates nested links/tags.