Namespace separator: `%2F` in one repo `___` triple underscore in the other

I use Logseq 0.10.9 on MacOs 14.1.2 for multiple repos. In one repo, the namespace separator / is transformed to %2F characters in file names. In the other, it is transformed to ___ triple underscores in the file names.

Is there a local setting for this transformation? I checked several configuration files but I couldn’t find any.

In the Logseq config file there is this:

 ;; Configure the escaping method for special characters in page titles.
 ;; Warning:
 ;;   This is a dangerous operation. To modify the setting,
 ;;   access the 'Filename format' setting and follow the instructions.
 ;;   Othwerwise, You may need to manually rename all affected files and
 ;;   re-index them on all clients after synchronization.
 ;;   Incorrect handling may result in messy page titles.
 ;; Available options:
 ;;   - :triple-lowbar (default)
 ;;      ;use triple underscore `___` for slash `/` in page title
 ;;      ;use Percent-encoding for other invalid characters
 :file/name-format :triple-lowbar

Might be something is going wrong with the special character convertion of file names? I’m not sure.