Native Quick Capture / Clipper

Nothing comes close to beat Evernote’s quick capture function on mobile and browser.

The ability to natively, without going through another app, add a block to an existing page like an Inbox (or daily journal note page) would be awesome.

Almost every note app available has neglected a good solution for quick capture except Notion. This is such a huge gap in the market. Of course I can’t speak for everyone, but if anyone would love such a function do share your ideas or like this post.

No, copy pasting is not a native solution. Nor is importing through readwise or a third party app. Nor is working through obsidian.

Perhaps when Sync services are in place. The issue now is that there is no way to inject data into Logseq unless you go down the road of allowing like an extension to be able to access the file system to inject into the .md file.


Maybe I’m missing something important, but isn’t that what a web clipper does?

I recently converted my Evernote stuff to Logseq, and had to weed out tons of extraneous garbage from many of them (fortunately, after deleting outdated notes, I had just over 100 to deal with). It would probably require AI to do it right, but a web clipper that grabs only content, then converts it to Logseq (or some other PKM), would be solid gold.

Note hygiene is a person’s own responsibility. It’s not on the tool itself. Of course with more function comes more recklessness. But there can be processes built after to filter an inbox for example, or to decay/retire items not processed in a certain time limit. Decaying blocks or pages could be a valuable additional suggestion instead, or some filtering process.

Joplin web clipper is very good.

I use the open source QuickDynalist app. It is nice, because

  1. it is fast: open it, paste your text, press “Add item” and you are done.
  2. it appears in the “share” menu of android, so you can share e.g. links from the browser.

The items are added at the end of a configured page, e.g. “Inbox”.
I would be great to have an app like this for Logseq.


Try out the extentions Link MD and Roam Highlighter. I use both for different things. But would be happy if the extentions could push it inside Logseq too, but I use an AutorHotKey script for that.

I switched from QuickDynalist to the Orgzly Android App and I love it, because the notes appear directly in Logseq at my computer:

How to use Orgzly with Nextcloud as a Logseq Inbox App on Android

  • In the Orgzly settings under synchronisationstorage choose ‘WebDAV’ and enter This will sync each Orgzly notebook to a textfile in the folder Orgzly in your Nextcloud. If you have your Logseq files in your Nextcloud unencrypted, you can choose to have the Orgzly-Folder directly there instead with .../USERNAME/Logseq/pages/Orgzly. I have my Logseq folder end-to-end encrypted, therefore to have the Orgzly folder in my Logseq, I created a Symlink inside the Logseq pages folder to the Orgzly folder.
    • Linux: e.g. ln -s ~/Nextcloud/Orgzly ~/Nextcloud/Logseq/pages/Orgzly
    • Windows: e.g. New-Item -Path A:\Nextcloud\Logseq\pages\Orgzly -ItemType SymbolicLink -Value A:\Nextcloud\Orgzly
  • In the Orgzly settings under synchronisationauto-sync enable all options (sync when opening Orgzly and after each edit)

Create an Orgzly ‘new note’ widget (it looks like a + symbol). When pressing it, the keyboard automatically opens.

When using the share-function in other apps, you can select Orgzly as the destination.

When Orgzly detects a conflict, it will create a notification. You then have to go to ‘Notebooks’, long press the notebook with a conflict and select with one of the buttons in the toolbar if the local version or the remote version should be overwritten. I solve this by looking at Logseq at the computer, comparing it to Orgzly, copying any new blocks at the computer, then overwriting the remote version, waiting for Nextcloud to sync to Logseq and then pasting the block.

I use two notebooks as inboxes, one for todos and one for notes. I empty the todo-inbox several times a week, and the note-inbox when I have time.


I would say the Joplin web clipper is way better than Evernote’s… sadly it can only sync to your own local instance of Joplin running on the same machine. Still, better than nothing

I now use Markor and make that app write directly to a file called that I link and Embed to from my journalspage. This way i can share anything to logseq wirhout sync “deleting” anything.


I created open-source web clipper for obsidian that can easily work with logseq.
Extension name: markClipper.
markClipper need local folder permission to work.
If you’re familiar with obsidian then you need to know that vault is just a folder in local os file system.
Clip whole article at once or drag-n-drop selected text or images into open notes in side panel.
markclipper append text in existing notes or create new one.

Add your local folder in markClipper vault list and start using web clipper.
markclipper - chrome web store

Read more about markClipper at Github

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is this the app that you’re referring to?

if so can you elaborate on your approach?

For those of you looking for a web clipper for Logseq, you can try out the extension I recently developed, Send to Logseq. While it’s still in its early stages, I hope it proves helpful.