Native sync for backers

Hi there,

I became a Logseq backer at the beginning of this month. From what I understand beta testing is open to backers now, is that right? If so, how do we get invited / notified? Apologies in advance if this is totally the wrong place to be asking this question…




Nothing wrong with asking here. Someone asked the same question on the Discord today, and it was clarified that it is open to Sponsors now, and Backers later.

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Any news? Just became a Backer myself and couldn’t access the beta sync feature.

For 2023,I met the same issue :face_holding_back_tears:, has anyone found the solution yet :melting_face:

How you checked out That worked for me :slightly_smiling_face:

If you are just a Backer and not a Sponsor, Logseq will refuse your login.

It has opened for backers now, at least I’m just a backer not sponsor. But if you still get an error message I’m not sure what the problem might be. I just followed the how-to linked to above when I joined in December and sync worked right away.

Just tried again and got this error:

:laughing:I‘m just become a backer for 2 days