Navigate between Journal Entries

Make it possible to navigate between journal entries, when they have been opened directly, e.g. via “All pages”? Roam uses the keyboard bindings Ctrl+Alt+p (previous) and Ctrl+Alt+n (next) for this.

Some graphical means would be fine too, e.g. pop-up a calendar widget.


This would be awesome. I frequently go back 1/2/3/4 days in the journal, and it’s painful.

May I suggest these defaults:
Ctrl+< to go back one day
Ctrl+> to go forward one day.

If not on a journal page, both those should take you to today’s journal page first.


This would be really helpful!

I often times do /date, then navigate to a future day, then ctrl-o to go the future day, do some edits there, then alt < to go back to the previews page, esc to select the block with the date, backspace to delete it.

What a great suggestion. I would love for their to be an integrated calendar so that you can click on a day and it will open up the note. I find myself sometimes wanting to see what I did last month and it is a bit painful at the moment

There’s the calendar plugin but I noted that quite a few people have said it is a bit buggy at the moment.


Looks like a good candidate for logseq-plugin-samples/logseq-journals-calendar at master · logseq/logseq-plugin-samples · GitHub. There’s a feature request to make this part of the Logseq.

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This feature has been implemented. Will move this post to the archive.
thank you.

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