Navigating drop downs with the keyboard

Should you be able to navigate popup drop downs with the up and down array keys or some other key combo? I can’t figure it out so I wind up clicking on it with my mouse.

These can be customized in the Settings > Keymap.

I tried using Tab/Shift+Tab and others but ultimately ended up using the arrow keys because there were some strange behaviors in some situations and it wasn’t worth it…

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Thanks! That was already set up. I think I’ve figured out the theme I was using somehow broke it. But I didn’t know where to configure that so thanks for the information.

If you want some “critical” -to you- shortcuts to be safe from bugs/updates, then you can setup shortcuts inside config.edn:

 ;; :shortcuts
 ;; {:editor/new-block       "enter"
 ;;  :editor/new-line        "shift+enter"
 ;;  :editor/insert-link     "mod+shift+k"
 ;;  :editor/highlight       false
 ;;  :ui/toggle-settings     "t s"
 ;;  :editor/up              ["ctrl+k" "up"]           
 ;;  :editor/down            ["ctrl+j" "down"]
 ;;  :editor/left            ["ctrl+h" "left"]
 ;;  :editor/right           ["ctrl+l" "right"]}

There should be some doc online with the whole list of :editor/WORD syntax…

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