Navigating Logseq on Android: Seeking Solutions and Sharing Insights

Hey Logseq community! :wave:

I’m Bob, excited to join this dynamic community. Logseq’s elegance and open-source nature make it truly stand out. Using it for almost a year has been a fantastic journey.

While I’ve had a great experience, I’m facing some Android-related challenges:

  1. Sorting TODOs Trouble: I use block timestamps for a TODO system, which sorts tasks by creation/modification time using a specific query. This works smoothly on PC but not on Android.

  2. PDF Annotation Woes: Creating selected area annotations on PDFs works on PC but doesn’t display properly on Android. Resorting to screenshots isn’t ideal.

I’m eager to connect with the Logseq community. Should I create GitHub issues or discuss in GitHub discussions? Your insights are valued! :pray: