Need a specific feature to edit template

Recently I use template to build my local ebook library index which I use one of my book information as template and using this template in other book. This is really a fluent exprience.
But I found there is not any way to edit an existing template, and I even could not delete an existing template. They just exist, and only way to change them is change the original block which template refers to, this behavior will let specific templates disappear.

I think we may need a specific feature to let user edit existed template.
Make templates as some kind of config and store locally.

User can edit their template but pages already use template would not be changed, only template itself changed

Next time user use this template, the info become which user has changed.

Yes totally agree. I now have to add a “Projects v2” template to my list as I’ve steadily improved what goes in a template and could find no way of changing the original “Projects” template.

Not sure if this will work for you, but what I did was delete the template:: property; edited the template, then re-created the template.

Worked for me.

Thanks! I can use this technique to edit my new template (“Projects v2”) but I made the original template when I was first learning logseq and just stored it under the Journal (Jan 30, 2022) - when I went to that date, deleted the template::property, edited and then tried to resave, it told me the template already exists. Now when I use the original “Projects” template, it appears to now give both the template and the filled in values for the first project I recorded in logseq that used the template.

I’m out of my depth here, but I’d take a look in your config.edn and see if the old template name is in there and delete it. Then you can save the new template.

For example, the template I edited was found under

(:journals "My Template Name")

I deleted the ‘My Template Name’; refreshed my graph; then saved the edited template.