Need advanced features for a project

Hello, everyone.

I have been developing a database called “Sci–Tech Index” and I find that Logseq is ideal for its common use and graphic visualisation.–Tech-Index

Here are what I need:

  • Synonym support for the concept
  • Localisation for the concept and all of its appearances (page title, linked reference, graph, etc.)
  • Marking concepts as learned and getting prerequisites to learn for a new concept based on learned concepts
  • Checking if any prerequisite of a concept is already a prerequisite of the concept’s another prerequisite

That’s what I have thought. I hope that you are interested.

Welcome GrimPixel! Logseq has synonym support for concepts at the page and block level:



Thank you for your tips. This is useful for me.

Anyway, that project is going to stick with wiki for a while because of some convenience of wikitable.