Need help with loading app

My logseq has been stuck in this “loading” phase and no response when clicking any buttons. Forced quitted a few times, but came across the same problem nevertheless. Need help thx

PS: and my previously installed CSS page style was missing. The interface just changed back to this bluish default theme

An update. I’ve re-installed the app (the Logseq-darwin-arm64-0.6.1 version) on my mac. But still stuck in the “Loading” status.

Type this in terminal.
rm -r Library/Application\ Support/Logseq in terminal

Already fixed the problem but still thx for the advice!!

Problem FIXED. I think the whole problem originated from switching between 2 graphs (the default “Logseq” and a second one created by me). I unistalled the app and deleted all the old folders, and the problem solved when I re-installed it after a million times. Hope there are better solutions and maybe @Aryan’s advice may worth a try.