Need help with using logseq as birthday reminders

I am trying to use logseq to remind me of coming birthdays.
I create a page for each contact, use /schedule to set the birthday with 1 year repetition. I am not using /todo

in this case, I would expect every year on the 24th of Feb, and only on that day, I’d saw the block listed in my journal. but it appears the builtin journal feature ‘scheduled and deadline’ lists all the birthdays out, not these on the current date. as you can see today is Dec 20th but I saw Steve’s birthday in the list.

I am using the default setting as

;; :feature/disable-scheduled-and-deadline-query? true
;; :scheduled/future-days 7

Is it intended? or I have to disable it and create custom queries?
here’s my example

It shows everything scheduled that has a day smaller or equal to 7 days from now.
So yes you’d need to use something else.
Also a birthday is a fixed date. The repeating works for tasks, when a task is marked done the task goes back to TODO with a new scheduled date based on the repeat interval.

What you are looking for I think is more akin to this:

Though this uses a property. If you wish we can adjust it to use a scheduled date instead.

Hi Siferiax,
your query in the other thread does exactly what I need.
Thanks a lot.

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