New and love Logseq.. have a couple of questions

I have been wanting something like Logseq for a long while… I was just about to start working on a open source repo of a Workflowy clone to add functionality after trying to get org-info.js to work. I’m using Dynalist right now, but it has a couple shortcomings and no way to extend functionality.

I want to use a collapsible outliner for my main webpage and knowledge base system. I have this working now with Logseq and am using the git-auto script and a Netlify auto-deploy. A couple things I would really love:

  1. a ? help button on the exported and published webpage to help visitors to navigate
  2. an outliner sidebar with drag and drop for reorganizing like WF
  3. an auto-export function like the git-auto, but for publishing
  4. fourth, the most important/desired feature for me… a way to ‘pin’ certain sections, so that they would be open upon a new visitors visit and the rest would be collapsed.

I could highlight both portfolio work and current projects or other highlights. I thought I found a way to do this with LS originally when I found it, it was the first thing I tested… I found a way to use the search on a couple of workaround tags like #pin and that would expand to only those lines… and there was a URL just for that search so I could use that for my homepage.

That doesnt seem to be working now… I know for sure it worked on Dynalist (but it has no GitHub and local CLI functions)… but I could have sworn it worked on LS… is there another search method I’m missing?

I did find this cool feature for pinning on the forum, but its not the above functionality… though maybe it shows that LS is extensible… Anyone have suggestions on a current way to do this, or a way to add it? There is kind of a way in org-mode with ‘initially-visible’ code tag, and also some ways to control this with html with the details tag for collapsing… but I think the search on tag is a simple enough workaround without any special html.