NEW button/block in my Journals

I created a NEW button/blocl accidentally, how to remove it?
And how to create one if desired?

What is a new button block?

  • this links to another block, created about a week ago
  • it moves with the current date, i.e. it’s always in today’s journal entry
  • I created it accidentally, I don’t know how
  • so, how can I delete it?

Take a look at the file in another editor outside Logseq. There you should be able to delete the content.

A huge json file, looks hairy.

Maybe I should read the Logseq User’s Manual, after all…

Which file do you look at? I’m not aware of any json files in Logseq

I have a .logseq/graphs/logseq_local_*,transit file … proban^bly better avoid messing it up.
Which file did you suggest to open in another editor?

I understood it’s in your daily journal pages. How do these look in an external editor?

I’m trying now to get GitHub - haydenull/logseq-plugin-open-in-external-app: use external app to open logseq file installed and running, but…

  1. I enabled the Devloper Mode
  2. I installed the plugin from the Marketplace
  3. In Plugins, I clicked on ‘Load unpacked plugin’ - it says ‘Loading…’ and seems to be stuck there, even over stopping and restarting the Logseq app; I suppose here it should ask me to configure the plugin, but it never go to that
  4. It did copy files into the directory I gave it, containing logo, package.json and dist directory with assets e.t.c.
    Any idea on how to get it unstuck?