New journal doesn't appear in "Journal" directory

Hi all!


I have a problem with my Journals:
Basically, whenever a new Journal page needs to be created, it doesn’t appear in the “Journal” category, but I can find it in “All Pages”. When I edit said page, the .md file is created in the “pages” directory rather than the “journal” folder, so I have to manually update the file with the correct name and move it to the right folder.

Here’s the configuration related to the Journal:

 :journal/page-title-format "🗓️ MMM do, yyyy (EEE)"
 :journal/file-name-format "YYYY_MM_dd"

As you can see, I want a title with the emoji at the beginning (maybe that could be the culprit), but the file under the hood should be called in a different way (so it is more organized in the file explorer)

Screenshot for the Journal: I’m on top of the section and the Journal is displaying yesterday’s Journal.

But if I look for today’s Journal in “All pages”, I can find it:

If I edit the page, the file for that page is created, but in the “pages” folder! (the gif is long, sorry!)

immagine (the final directory is highlighted in green)

If I want to manually fix the issue, I have to move the file to the “Journal” folder and change it to the YYYY_MM_DD format in order for the page to appear as intended in the “Journal” section of Logseq.


Why does it behave like this? Is it because I’m using an exotic page-title-format? How can I fix this? I remember seeing in some youtube videos someone having a journal title similar to mine, but maybe I remember wrong

I’m using version 0.8.2

Thanks in advance :smiley: