New Marketplace Category: Queries

Add a new marketplace category queries, so that inexperienced users can still use queries without having to use discord or discuss. If there is a single place to share queries, you avoid duplicating efforts to help less experienced users with queries and it’s also more likely existing queries are improved by others.

Instead of showing the default query (scheduled and deadline), users should see this instead:
You don’t have any queries yet. (then 3 buttons) [Browse Marketplace] [Edit config.edn] [Never show this again].

If a user downloads a query from the marketplace, it cannot be edited directly, but there is a button to copy it into config.edn if they want to tweak it.

Because queries + metadata (title, description, …) fit into a single file, they could be stored in the GitHub - logseq/marketplace: A centralized packages manager for Logseq marketplace plugins. repository directly.