New mobile App closes when trying to open from local directory

app version 0.1.1 / Android 10

LOGseq seems to start “normal” → when I select the directory it prompts me if I want to allow access → when I say “yes” the app just closes.

I just wanted to report the problem - maybe it’s the same for others.
Am already curious how it continues with the app :blush:

In Version 0.5.9 I can open a “new” (= empty) graph (directory) and LOGseq mobil opens like expected.
But still, if I open an existing logseq folder (originally created on windows PC) logseq closes (crashes?).

I just played around a bit more and found out the following …

:bulb: Logseq mobile (v 0.5.9) does work for me, but it depends on which directory I use on my mobile…
:x: The directory /storage/emulated/0/Documents does NOT work.
:heavy_check_mark: The /storage/emulated/0/data directory does work using the same logseq files.

:beetle: So there is still a bug apparently related to permissions - but at least I know a workaround now.
My smartphone is an Honor V20 (PCT-L29) with Android 10 (all standard, no jailbrake no root).

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Can confirm the same issue when directory is on the SD card, but when located on phone’s internal storage Logseq mobile (v 0.5.9) works great. Phone - Samsung model with Andriod 11 not rooted.

Variations of this issue are hitting a lot of people. I think it depends what version of android is being used as to exactly how it manifests.

Theres a lot of examples in this github issue (also the closed issues mentioned in it) also more reports on github since then.

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Yes, I can confirm the same. It crashes on opening. For me this started soon after updating it.

Same, samsung tablet s7+