New user - frustrated with learning shortcuts

I’m new to Logsec, after experimenting with dynalist and workflowy. So far really like the software but I’m constantly getting frustrated trying to learn the shortcuts.

If I can’t remember a shortcut I open the keyboard shortcut screen from the help menu but it always fills the main screen. I end up navigating to and from it constantly which is extremely frustrating having the primary workspace blocked off. The only way I have found to be able to work while referencing the shortcuts is to completely disregard any use of the main pane and work only in the right pane, which I’m still getting used to.

It feels like the keyboard shortcuts list was an afterthought and never actually used by someone who didn’t already know what the shortcuts were. There is a feature request but for how few votes it has I doubt it will ever get any traction and I am just hoping I’m missing something that seems like a feature that would benefit any new user.

Is there a way to see the keyboard shortcuts screen while working in main pane?

edit: added the question at the end

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I recommend using an exported keyboard shortcut list like Logseq-Keys — ImgBB which you can open side by side with Logseq.

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Go to keyboard shortcuts: g s

I’m still getting familiar with the logseq keyboard shortcuts (I used to use org-mode in emacs, I confess it is not easy to get out of old habits).

I constantly use the following shortcuts:

  • g s
  • cmd+[
  • g j

Agree that it’s more unified to show the shortcut UI on right sidebar.
I tried it with 10 lines of effort:

But there’s a performance bug to resolve.

You could hit CMD-SHFT-P to see all command and the shortcuts … You can run the command from that and then slowly learn them.

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The latest release, version 0.8.14 includes the feature to open the keyboard shortcuts list on the right sidebar.
Here is how:

  1. Toggle the sidebar on Help
  2. Click on the Help
  3. Click on Keyboard shortcuts

The list of shortcuts will open on the right side bar.