Newbi Q - 'write everything in Daily journal', so what about the Graph?

Hi All,

I’m developing my Logseq skills nicely. Writing everything in the Daily Journal, as advised. New block for each atomic thought or subject. Loving the Outliner/Indents view for keeping the focus. Good tagging system in place to find Blocks at a later date. Occasionally creating a New Page for a particular subject, although it doesn’t even seem necessary to create a new page, as most CAN be contained in the Daily Journal.

So, what about the Graph? When I look at the graph, all there is are a few individual pages, plus all my Tags (which are pages). All my actual work is locked away in my Daily Journal pages, and when I turn on that feature on the Graph, all I get is a mass of (meaningless) dates. so all my actual content is locked away hidden. I just don’t get that :frowning:

Can it be that the Graph isn’t much use in Logseq?

Edit: so for example Ramses says, he has a very large graph. Please how does that work, if you put everything into the Daily Journal?

What am I missing? Do you write everything in Daily Journal, but THEN at a later stage, using block embeds, have actual pages with your subjects written on, so like a two-step process? Thanks all x

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I don’t use the journal-centric approach but I think you are supposed to use a lot of [[wikilinks]] and #hashtags in your journal. Those will be displayed in the graph view and the structure of your notes would emerge.

For example:

- [[Your Project]]
  - [[Meetings]]
   - 12:00 call [[Alice]] and [[Bob]]
- [[Reading]]
  - [[Books]]
   - [[Alice in Wonderland]]
  - [[Articles]]
   - #category

stuff like this, did you get the idea?

I think so Alex, so even though you’re writing in the Daily Journal, you’re still focussing on creating pages for everything, even though those ‘subjects/pages’ are in the background.

It seems a bit of a convoluted way of working, I guess I’ll keep chipping away at it.

So what do you do, what’s your approach?

  • I manually create pages and organize them with page-properties::

  • Pages are almost two types

    • One looks an encyclopedia/Wikipedia page about a specific thing, very concise and a lot of properties
    • The other is a “composition” i.e. a long writing about a subject that usually mentions a lot of the pages above with [[wikilinks]]
  • I use queries to list all pages with certain properties and I place queries generally in pages representing a category, for example [[Algebra]] page contains a query that lists all the pages with the property area: Algebra

  • I use very long indented lists of blocks containing only [[wikilinks]] as indexes to browse them, for example:

    • [[Mathematics]]
      • [[Algebra]]
        • [[Linear Algebra]]
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I would also like to know how to remove the dates in the Graph while using Journals. I create entries (pages) in my journal, and see both the pages and the dates when viewing the graphs, the dates themselves are basically irrelevant in this view. Any way to delete/hide them in Graph view?

In the graph view there are options in a floating widget on top right, from there you can hide journal nodes

One thing is the graph it self, as DB, and another thing is what you see in the “graph view”.

A node in the DB is a block (a page is a block too, like every thing represented there), but in the “graph view” a node is a page.

Just saying.

Even if most of your writing happens inside the journal pages, at some point it may be useful to add more curated information directly to pages, then the graph view will show these selected relationships instead of a mess of links, which may be a good thing.