Newbie - am I getting the hang of it?

Hi All, I’m working my way into Logseq and it feels like it’s getting easier.

Still haven’t got the hang of USING block refs and block embeds (I kind of understand them), so currently relying heavily on tags.

Here is a screenshot of my today’s entry. am I on the right track?

Many thanks, Smithy


There really are no rules, so you can’t really do it wrong, but some things I have noticed in my graph:

  • Don’t tag because something “belongs” there, tag so you can find it. A tag is a context in which an item is useful. Otherwise you’ll end up with 100s of tags that don’t serve a purpose (been there, done that).
  • Use as little tags as possible (but not less)
  • Why the -t? If they are tags that belong together you can use #[[t/tags]] it will automatically create a hierarchy
  • When you start having more pages you start using queries to find things, having easy to type tags just makes life easier: {{query (and [[question]] [[logseq]] )} is just easier to type
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Thanks @Alex_QWxleA. I’m actually pretty good with Tags, I use for bookmarking, and have an excellent tag structure there (which I’m copying over as appropriate).

Absolutely, great advice, such as ‘sport’ rather than ‘football’ (if you have an interest in multiple sports. Not if football is the only sport you write about)

I was unsure about tags and pages being the same, I wasn’t used to that so I stuck the -t behing tags, so I could differentiate them from pages. I removed them after I realised it didn’t have any value.

I’m going to close this, as I have another question so best I start a new thread. :upside_down_face:

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