Newbie wondering how compatible Logseq could be

Hello, I’m considering merging or updating my knowledge management from Google Drive Docs with alphabetised info using header1-header6 and Trello Kanban boards with it’s marketplace (plugin) calendar for daily task management. Do you think Logseq can do that for my Ubuntu 22.04.3 Desktop and iPhone X iOS Version 16.3.1 Mobile? I don’t trust my Desktop after losing all data quite often with reinstalls, so some type of cloud backup is needed.
I tend to use Vim for text editing, if that helps for potential compatibility?
Backup and sync is important, so it seems Logsec is $5 per month or free with Syncthing. Could a sync be used as a backup if the computer or phone is reinstalled (loses all data)?
FOSS and Logseq seems better than Obsidian, so this could be a real step up.