No context menu when right clicking a block

When right-clicking on a block I’m expecting a context menu, but only see a Mac system menu. Screenshot attached. Any suggestions welcome.

As I can see, you selected text and then right click. You need to right click on dot on the beginning of the block.

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Ahhhhhh… got it. Thanks so much. :pray:t3:

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As opposed to RMB the bullet point, we can easier bring up the context menu in logseq by

Option 1
a.) highlight blocks by LMB dragging over the specific blocks
b.) and then RMB anywhere over highlighted content

Option 2 :
a.) highlight blocks by holding alt+arrow key up/down depending on which blocks
b.) RMB or if your keyboard has one hit the menu key anywhere over the highlighted content

Option 3 :
RMB over the thread area