Non-default keyboard shortcuts to move between words on Mac OS

A big problem for me is that it’s not possible to move between words with Option-Left and Option-Right as usual on Macs, as this is already used for Zooming in and out. How can anybody use this on a Mac at all or am I the only one?

I really love Logseq and badly want to use it over the many alternatives currently available, since its feature set attracts me most, but this makes it unusable for me, unfortunately. I’m constantly cycling through different contexts, so I had to give up using it.

Although this could be solved with this recent feature request, I’ve created a separated one, since it seems pretty critical for all Mac OS users and could be tackled separately (without making all shortcuts customizable at once).

The Option-Left and Option-Right shortcuts are removed now, you can use Command-. and Command-, to zoom in and out.

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Closed as solved